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Parrotlet Breeders

Parrotlets are the "the world's smallest Parrots". Here at Little Tweet, we exclusively breed Green Rumped and Pacific Parrotlets, both sweet Parrotlet hand-fed babies and breeding pairs.

Parrotlets for sale, include: Rare Green Rumped Parrotlets (Deliciosus) and Pacific (Celestial) White, Yellow, Blue, Lutino, Albino, Turquoise, Turquoise Pied, & Green.


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parrotletsAbout the Parrotlet

Parrotlets are "the world's smallest Parrots". Parrotlets are rapidly becoming one of the most sought after companion bird. Due to the small size of the Parrotlet - less than 5 inches in length, beautiful plumage, long life span of 20+ years, comical behavior, inexpensive maintenance, ability to speak and inability to scream are all factors which make them the perfect pet. Being that they are true Parrots, cousins to the Amazon Parrot, Parrotlets are also intelligent, bold, curious, acrobatic, and capable of developing a loving bond with their owners. In our "About Parrotlets" there are many great resources for care and species information of Parrotlets.

Our Parrotlet Aviary

Here at Little Tweet, we are devoted to raising the healthiest, happiest, strongest Green Rumped and Pacific Parrotlets. We take great care with regard to diet, housing, cleanliness, record keeping and genetic diversity. All of our Parrotlets are banded with closed identification bands. Learn more about our Parrotlet aviary.

Our baby Parrotlets come with a 30 day health guarantee. Our Parrotlet breeding pairs come with a 7-day health guarantee. We ship Parrotlets year around. Learn more about our Parrotlet shipping.


R.I.P Abby

"Little Tweet is the best. The testimonials I read on your website were further proof to me about how good you really are. I hope this one convinces anyone looking for a parrotlet to look no further than your website for the bird of their dreams. I confirm what everyone says about you and more. You have been so responsive to all our questions right from the beginning and I know I can ask you anything. Thanks again." Best wishes- Susan & Howard, California




Our Parrotlets for sale include: Green Rump, White, Yellow, Blue, Lutino, Albino, Turquoise Pied & Green.
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