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LittleTweet FAQs

Little Tweet FAQ
FAQ's from new customers looking to buy their first Parrotlet from Little Tweet:

1. How long have we been in business?
Little Tweet has been happily and exclusively breeding Parrotlets since 1986. Little Tweet is family owned.

2. Why do some of the colors cost more?
People frequently ask why the colors other than Green are more expensive. The answer is because Green is the natural color and the other colors such as Blue, Yellow, Lutino and Albino are mutations. They are rarer birds and therefore more expensive.

3. Which are better pets: Males or Females?
You will find strong opinions to this questions as Parrotlet owners who have had positive experience with males/females or a certain color will tell you "buy an XYZ " or if they have had a bad experience will tell you the opposite. With purchasing a newly weened baby, genetics can play a small factor but the more influencial factor is YOU, the owner, the environment you create for the Parrotlet, how much time you spend with your new little pet AND how you socialize it. I will say the males learn to speak sooner than females and many prefer them because they are more colorful. However, BOTH can be sweet and loving if properly socialized. If you are looking for a specific personality type, please let us email us and we will let you know if we have a Parrotlet compatible with your family.

4. Which are better pets: Greens, Color mutations, or Green Rumps?
Both of these species make wonderful companions. Their differences lie in their individual personality and temperament. Not to be underestimated, their current and new environment greatly influence their personality and behavior - MEANING SPEND QUALITY INTERACTIVE TIME WITH THEM! However, SLIGHT differences (only SLIGHT if I may emphasize this again) can be made in regard to general characteristics of these species. Here are the common stereo types:

Pacific -
Feisty, Affectionate, Inquisitive, Adaptable, Larger

Green-rumped - Gentle,
Affectionate, Delicate, Timid, Smaller

However, there are those that will buck the norm. You will find shy Pacifics and robust Green-rumpeds. It all lies within each bird AND their environment.

If buying a Parrotlet under 3 months for a pet, feel free to ask us about the temperament, personality of the Parrotlet desired. We want your Parrotlet to fit in well with your family.

5. Why Better in Pair?
Many are under the assumption that if they buy a pair, the Parrotlet will not bond to them. This will entirely depend on how much time you spend with your Parrotlet(s). We have many customers buy in pairs and this is not a complaint. Parrotlets are a companion bird and will grow to love your companionship if cared for lovingly. If you work full time and have a busy lifestyle, we strongly recommend a pair. This will keep him/her from getting overly lonely and feather plucking. Another advantage is you can make extra cash or full time income breeding them. (It's also fun and easy!) There is also a Parrotlet shortage in many states as many of you out-of-Staters know as you can't find them in your local pet stores. And finally because (This is a stolen quote from where I can't remember) "Parrotlets are like Potato Chips, you can't have just one!"

6. What is this going to cost me?
1) The cost of your Parrotlet(s) less discounts if more than one. 2) Nothing additional if you pick up. If you require shipping, the cost is $90-100. This is not per bird, this is PER CARRIER. I can ship up to 15 birds at this rate via Delta's special fare for avian. (If Delta does not fly into the airport close to you, there are other airlines that do, they are a little higher than $90-$100.) Email me the airport closest to you and I give you your options. Many go in with a friend to absorb this cost. This is fine. 3) And finally, we charge a $25 for the airline approved shipping container. Click here for more info on shipping or accepted forms of payment.

7. Is shipping safe for the Parrotlet?
I ship Delta & Continental and they take excellent care of the birds. I also ask for the most direct flights so the Parrotlets are in their new homes as soon as possible. We ship in airline safe containers with adequate food and a perch for safe, comfortable travel. Click here for more info on shipping or to see our safe shipping carrier.

8. Will the Parrotlet like my other pets?
A newly weened Parrotlet is just like any other young animal, it can easily form bonds with other animals and people. However, caution should be excercised as your Parrotlet could be injured by a larger pet if not carefully supervised. There is no way I can predict if the Parrotlet will be friends with your Cocatiel or African Grey but I have had customers who have had success. But again, the Parrotlet should be carefully supervised! After all he/she is a just a baby.

Our Parrotlets for sale include: White, Yellow, Blue, Green, Green Rump, Lutino & Albino
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