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Quick Reference List
non-breeder Parrotlet Diet
These quantities are for a single bird. All water and food dishes are changed daily.
1 Bowl of Clean Water
Below are put in other small dish.
2 tablespoons of Cockatiel seed
2 tablespoons of Canary seed
1 tablespoon of Pellets (Size for Canary/Parakeet
2 tablespoons of Black Oil Sunflower seeds
At least 1 slice or piece of Fresh Fruit (Altered Daily)
At least 1 slice or piece of Fresh Veggie (Altered Daily)
Millet can be fed initially until he/she settles in
1 tablespoon of Birdie Bread every other day
Below is kept in the cage at all times until they use it up.
1 Cuttlebone
1 Mineral Block

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Diet for Parrotlet non-Breeding (Pets)

Our newly weaned babies are started on this healthy diet. If you decide to change their diet, please do it gradually. It is very important they eat as they settle into their new home.

parrotlets dietFood
For one Parrotlet, in one bowl - 2 tablespoons of Cockatiel seed and 2 tablespoons Canary seed, 2 tablespoons Black Oil Sunflower seeds (all sunflower seeds are NOT created equal). WalMart normally carries small size black oils sunflower seeds and 1 tablespoon of Pellets. (Size for Canary/Parakeet)

I then add 1 table spoon of our baked birdie bread that has Bee Pollen* (prefer powder but granules will do), and Spirulina ** added into the baked ingredients. Keep unused birdie bread frozen and serve frozen.

And finally - veggies and fruit. I alternate what I feed the birds every day. I’m sure you don’t have to do that – but I don’t want to eat the same thing day in and day out – I figure they don’t want to either! Fresh grated carrots, apples, lemons, tangerines, grapefruit, bananas, bean sprouts, peas, etc. We all know that avocados and chocolate are no–no’s! I don’t cook my vegetables – raw is better for them. You can also use frozen veggie mixes for convenience. If your new baby Parrotlets does not at first eat his/her fruit or vegetables, introduce them later.

Water Bowl
I like little glass custard bowls. They don’t break or chip easily and clean up thoroughly in hot soapy water. I never use the containers that attach to the side of the cages. Many a Parrotlet has starved when people unknowingly place the food containers on the sides of the cages when the bird is used to the containers being on the bottom of the cage
. And yes, our Parrotlets are not used to side feeders. Neither do we use water bottles that are affixed to the side of the cages. Number one - they can’t be sanitized easily and secondly, if the opening gets plugged your baby will die of dehydration before you even realize it. These gizmos are responsible for quite a few bird deaths each year. A nice clean bowl of fresh water is much better and safer for your baby – if he or she wants to take a bath in it – so much the better. Don’t place it directly under the perch though – the water and food bowls can become quite dirty from their droppings. Use only bottled water if the quality of water is questionable in your area.

parrotlets cuttleboneKeep a cuttlebone and a mineral block in the cage at all times.

These brands may be found in your local pet store, if not you can order them online using the links provided or ask your pet store for similar brands to substitute. (I avoid brands will lots artificial colors that look like fruity pebbles)

Our Parrotlets for sale include: White, Yellow, Blue, Green, Green Rump, Lutino & Albino
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