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Parrotlet Audio Clips
parrotlet talking Step Up (Parrotlet saying, Bye Bye, Step Up, and Good Boy)
parrotlet talking
parrotlets talking
parrotlet speak
parrotlet speak
Cat Meow (Yes, this one is scary - but they will imitate any sounds they may be exposed to)
parrotlet teaching What a Parrotlet Sounds Like Normally

Teaching Your Parrotlets To Talk

Often, birds start out being "closet talkers", meaning they will only talk if you are not in the room or if they are in their cages. They practice quietly and often you can't quite figure out what they are doing. It starts out being a medley of sounds that eventually turn into distinct words. At first, it can have a squeaky sort of honk sound. When perfected, it retains a robotic quality. Many start out with a "song" rather than recognizable speech.

Holding your bird very close to your mouth while talking seems to encourage them to mimic you. Young birds have an instinctive ability to mimic the calls of their parents and learn the sounds of their flock. Imitating their sounds can encourage them to mimic yours. This is not easy for us, it can't be expected for it to be easy for them.

Rather than teaching individual words, we use short phrases. Associating a phrase with an action teaches more than simple speech, it helps with training. Examples would be saying "Time for nite-nite" as you cover the cage. If said every evening, your bird will associate these words and actions with a bedtime routine. Even if he never learns the words, he will quickly learn that this means his day is at an end. If you have raised children, you are aware that they respond to short, familiar phrases. They like a lot of enthusiasm. So do birds. (This is why so many birds learn to repeat expletives - they are said with such enthusiasm.)

Both male and female Parrotlets can learn to talk. Many learn to speak at six months of age and some even sooner as early as 3 months, though at first it may be awhile before their persons are aware of what is being said.

Soon we will be offering cds you can play for your Parrotlet that will repeat simple expressions. These are a great tool for teaching your Parrotlet to talk.

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