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Why do some of the Parrotlets Cost More?

People frequently ask why Parrotlets other than Green Pacific are more expensive? The answer is because the Green Pacific Parrotlet is the "natural color" and the other colors such as Blue, Yellow, Lutino, Albino, Blue Pied, Turquoise, Turquoise Pied, Dilute Blue, Dilute Turquoise, and Mauve are referred to as "Parrotlet color mutations".
These color mutations are rarer and therefore more expensive.

Green Rumped are a different species of Parrotlet and are considered to be the smallest of all Parrotlets. Green Rumped Parrotlets are difficult to breed resulting in less clutches and fewer babies per year, making them very rare! We typically have a six month waiting list on our Green Rumped Parrotlets.

You also have to account for the time spent caring for the Parrotlets. Babies require countless hours handling, hand feeding and socializing. There is more to raising a sociable, friendly parrotlet than just hand feeding.

When adopting a Parrotlet make sure you are matching apples to apples when looking at other breeders. Make certain that they are willing to spend quality time on the telephone and/or email answering your questions. Remember that cheaper isn't going to be better! "The old saying holds true that you always get what you pay for"!

Our customer service is unbeatable! We are always available to our customers before adoption and after, just by picking up the telephone. Find out by calling us now and also read what our satisfied customers have to say.

Our Parrotlets for sale include: White, Yellow, Blue, Green, Green Rump, Lutino & Albino
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