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green rump parrotlets
Life span: 20 Years+
Length: 3-1/2 inches
Weight: 18-28 grams
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Green Rumped Parrotlets
Species - Forpus passerinus

Personality of Green Rumped Parrotlet
The Green Rumped Parrotlets (Deliciosus or also called Delicate Green Rumped Parrotlets) are getting more and more attention. This is not only due to the fact they are the world's smallest Parrot, but also because of their intriguing subtle behaviour towards each other. Green Rumped Parrotlets are slightly more shy and gentle than their Pacific cousins. Green Rumps can be frightened by new things and may take a few days to settle into their new surroundings and begin eating a wide variety of foods. But once acclimated, they possess just as much personality as the Pacific parrotlet. Green Rumps sweet, gentle personalities make them good birds for children.

The Green Rumped Parrotlet has been known since 1758, they are the longest known Parrotlet by far by Europeans. This is due to the fact they exist in the coastal areas in South America - Northern Brazil along both sides of the Amazon from lower Rio Madeira east to Rio Anapú and north of Amazon to area around Macapá in state of Amapá.

Distinguishing Green Rumped Males from Females
Male Green Rumps are green with a brighter green at the cheeks, underside of the body and behind the neck. Lower back, rump and upper tail are bright emerald green. Underside of wings and edge of wing are blue. Female Green Rumps have yellowish colorings on forehead; some more than other. The same as the male but without the blue markings.

male green rump parrotlet
female green rump parrotlet
Male Green Rumped
Female Green Rumped Parrotlet
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