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Yellow, American Yellow or Dilute Color Mutation Pacific Parrotlets
Species - Forpus coelestis lucida

Life span: 20 Years+
Length: 4-1/2 inches
Weight: 35 grams
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Personality of Yellow Parrotlets
Pacific or Celestial parrotlets are the most popular of the pet Parrotlets and for good reason. They are the most parrot-like in personality. They are also some of the most beautiful. Hand-fed babies make wonderful yellow parrotletspets when placed in a home right after weaning and quickly become beloved members of the household. Yellow or American Yellow Parrotlet mutations are well known for their playfulness and outgoing personality.

Yellow Parrotlets, as their name implies, first arose in America.

Distinguishing Yellow Parrotlet Males from Females
Yellow mutation Parrotlets are beautiful colored birds. The male American Yellow Parrotlet retains the blue markings on the lower back and the female does not. He also has more colors on his wings such as white, blue and green. The female American Yellow Parrotlet is all yellow.

american yellow parrotlet american yellow parrotlet
Male Yellow Pacific Parrotlet
Female Yellow Pacific Parrotlet


Our Parrotlets for sale include: White, Yellow, Blue, Green, Green Rump, Lutino & Albino
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