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Parrotlet Pricing - Sweet Baby Parrotlets (Pet Quality)

Below is pricing for hand-fed, newly weaned, socialized, tamed Parrotlet babies that are under 3 months. Parrotlets are a perfect addition to any family. Baby parrotlets are most receptive to bonding with people when they are under 3 months of age.

Our baby Parrotlets come trained to step up on command, to give kisses and wings are clipped prior to shipment at no additional cost. Our Parrotlets come with a 30 day health guarantee.

They are a great pet either male or female, singles or in a pair. We breed quality not quantity. Home of the Thoroughbred Parrotlets! parrotletsWatch our Parrotlet baby videos


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Available Parrotlet Babies (Pet Quality)
Parrotlet babies may be reserved with a non-refundable $100 deposit* or you can E-mail me if you would like to be on a waiting list for the next available.

Adoptable Parrotlet Babies* (Pricing for Individual Parrotlets)
Price without shipping*


  Green Rumped *(Extremely Rare)*
$499 ea
  Green Pacific

$219 ea


$279 ea


  Blue Pied
$329 ea
  Yellow (American Yellow, now called Dilute)
$279 ea
  White (American White, White with Light Blue Cast, Brown Eyes, now called Dilute-Blue)
  Lutino (Bright Canary Yellow, With Crimson Eyes)
  Albino*(Rare)* (Bright White, Crimson Eyes)
  Turquoise Pied *(Rare)*
  Dilute Turquoise *(Rare)*
  Snows (Pure Snow White with dark eyes.*(Extremely Rare)*

Why do some parrotlets cost more than others?

We ship Delta and Continental Airlines World Wide. The cost for this is a flat $35 carrier fee, (you pay the airline cost upon parrotlets arrival which is estimated $92-$125 for the continental United States). Multiple pet quality parrotlets can be purchased and shipped for same flat rate. Learn more about shipping. E-mail me if you would like shipping options (include your nearest airport in email).

Be sure to read the articles "Bringing Home your Parrotlet", "Diet for Pet Parrotlet" and "Cage Requirements, Toys, Perches" if you purchase a Parrotlet. Other articles can be found in our Parrotlet Resources.

*Deposits are non-refundable. * No Refunds on Purchase Price* 30 Day Health Guarantee *International shipping available.

>>> Sweet Parrotlets
- Pet Quality
  Young Breeding Pairs
- Breeder Quality

Our Parrotlets
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green rumped
blue parrotlet
white parrotlet
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yellow parrotlet
green parrotlet
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lutino parrotlet
Our Parrotlets for sale include: White, Yellow, Blue, Green, Green Rump, Lutino & Albino
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